Getting Started with TILY project

🎯 InstanTILY is a fast, secured, and scalable Cryptocurrency project developed by TILY Int'l LTD for the enhancement of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption globally.

🔹TILY is the native token of the InstanTILY project. It is an open source Smart Contract built on Binance Smart Chain [ BSC network ] as a Utility token. *To make our world a more better place for all, we strongly believe that blockchain as a component engine for the 4th Industrial Revolution should be used to profer solutions that optimizes process for innovation. On this note, we are committed to contribute our quota on building blocks for financial inclusion by taking the benefit of this industrial revolution to the people who had no access to technology innovation. We intend to achieve this through delivery of various blockchain Use-Cases that buildup the entire ecosystem of Instantily project.

InstanTILY is a fully Decentralized Cryptocurrency based on the goal that it will be the safest global Digital Currency in the world and will be used worldwide as a payment method. A Digital Currency that will not be owned or controlled by any individual, organization, entity, or group. InstanTILY has been made 100% complete Community-driven.

InstanTILY has been launched as the world's first Digital Currency owned by "You".

Why Chose TILY

Growth Opportunities

Boosting TILY ecosystem through organic growth and a unique reward system.

Verified SmartContract

The unimutability of the SmartContract guarantees its security and stability.

Grow Along

Its Unique reward system makes every participant to Grow along with TILY.

Secured System

Thanks to the particularity of the Blockchain technology TILYminer is 99.99% secured.

Accessible Anywhere

Through our user-friendly Mobile App, Generate TILY on the Go, anywhere you are.

Exchange Service

TILY is Listed on Multiple DEX to ensure Swapping TILY to USDT and other Assets.

TILY features

Limited Supply
TILY is a Non Mintable TOKEN with a fixed supply of 7B TILY
Multiple Use Cases
Our Ecosystem is Foster by multiple use cases for the best outcome.
Fully Secured
BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, Verified and Audited!
Designed with the end user in mind, TILY is 100% community centered.

TILY Core Features

Special care has been taken to make TILY 100% secure in every way. Its security features make it unique from other DeFi Projects out there.

Community-driven & Owned

TILY is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer electronic system that does not rely on any central authority like a government or financial institution. Nobody controls TILY... It's owned by 'YOU'.

Enhanced Low Fees

Merchants and users are empowered with low fee. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development.

Sustainable and Unstopable

TILY is Available on Multiple DEX and Investors are the sole owners of the assets in the liquidity pool, to make TILY a 100% secure digital currency, The LP tokens have been locked forever.

Problems and Solutions

There are many risks involved in many DeFi projects today which We understand this and have the skills, experience, and leadership to overcome them.

Security is Paramount

The key to control in any cryptocurrency is its supply; the one who owns the most supply is the real owner of the Cryptocurrency.

  • It is not necessary that who has developed a cryptocurrency is the owner of it, but the real owners of any cryptocurrency are only those who have a huge supply. The one with the most supply is the one with the most control.
  • TILY is a 100% community-owned Digital Currency because the entire supply of TILY is managed by the 100% decentralized, Verified and Audited TILYminer SmartContract with renounced ownership to prevent any manipulation, this is turned given to be owned by the Community through its intelligent redistribution system, the Developers of TILY have a 0% supply of TILY and there's no Dev wallet.

No Control over Supply

The complete supply of TILY has been allocated for its community Through the TILYminer program and liquidity pool on DEX.

No Control over Liquidity Pool

No one can influence the price except TILY's community because no one owns huge amount of supply other than its community and LP tokens have been also locked/burned forever.

Smart Contract Audited & Renounced

TILY's smartcontract is audited and the ownership has been renounced, all the functions in TILY's smartcontract are designed to make TILY 100% the most secure digital currency.

TILY Ecosystem


A Unique Investment Driven Token distribution powered by a unique system to offer every TILY holder a powerful income opportunity.


To foster Blockchain technology adoption across the Globle, TILYpay ensures a secure and flexible approach to Online Payment solution.


Soon to be Launched, a decentralized swap (DAPP) and exchange (DEX), where TILY will be used as one of the key base assets as well as gas to be spent..


7 000 000 000 TILY
3% on Every Transaction
1% Burned on Every Transactions


Initial Blackhole
Reserved for Airdrop/Marketing/Community incentives
Community Distribution Protocol [ TILYminer ], with Auto-Liquidity Pool
Automated Liquidity Pool adding from every TILYminer package purchase

Road Map

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